About Lutherans
"A Lutheran is a follower of Jesus Christ, a member of the Christian Church. He or she would be defined as an evangelical Christian. The term evangelical refers to a term Protestants like to use to point out that their faith centers in the good news of what God has done for people in Jesus Christ." (Martin E. Marty)

The Lutheran Church dates back to the 1500's to the Reformation, led by Martin Luther, which makes Lutherans the oldest Protestant church.

Today, it is one of the largest Protestant denominations in the world with over ten million members in the United States.

The Augsburg Confession, a statement of faith, binds all Lutherans together worldwide. Lutherans look at the Scriptures as the final authority for belief and practice.  Lutherans believe that we are justified by God's grace through faith.

The two sacraments accepted by members of the Lutheran fairth are: baptism and Holy Communion. They are both God-given means for penetrating the lives of people with God's grace.

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